People with heavy handwriting pressure are very energetic and have received very high amount of love and affection from their parents.


People who do not dot their "i" have no patience to go into details. They tend to be unaware of a lot of things.


People who write capital letter E like the mirror image of the number 3, tend to be culturally inclined.


People with large writing are social and extroverts.


Big loop in the "D" stem shows that the person is sensitive to criticism.


People who just write their name in their signature shows that they do what they feel like and are more independent.



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Milind J Rajore is a leading practicing graphologist. He has being practising this science for the past 15 years. Till date he has built a very strong team of thousands of graphologist, and it is growing day by day.

He is actively consulting for bureaucrats, corporate houses, business houses, banks,MNC's, by helping people know their strengths and weakness,detecting ill health or forgery through handwriting and also knowing the reason for it.He has also authored several books on graphology.